Thingser Ambassador Application

“...a party...a friend that has your same interest...the conversation becomes Magic!! ”
You know that feeling, this is what Thingser does with your whole network!


So you are are a passionate person ! That is what we are looking for. To change anything and everything, we need positive energy. We think that this platform is here to help people interact and discover each other in a deeper and more meaningful way. Help people develop their interest and knowledge further. Create a place that they can truly call their own. A place to collect not just personal pictures but articles, documents, videos and images. Their turbo-charged knowledge centre. Thingser is ultimately an epic social journey through your passions and ideas. Let’s do things that matter!


Thingser is a UK-based company. We currently operate the website along our magazine The Thingser platform and app aim to match your interests with those of your network. Once you’re in , you can send the things that you love and find interesting to those friends that share your same interests and passions. From there, the possibilities are endless. Open a discussion with those friends and their friends as well. Amplify your range of action, pass your knowledge further or receive incredible content from trusted sources. When you share good content, ideas are born. We created a small but powerful private place for you to foster and run those ideas.


Here we believe that you should be doing only the things you love. If you love art and hate finance, you won’t see a financial spreadsheet for sure. If you join us, we make sure that your efforts, passion and energy are focused on helping you expand your mind on the things you love and care the most about. We are currently seeking ambassadors and contributors. Both Thingser and Impakter need your help to grow. Thingser will give you a first hand experience in what you love. Need to meet someone important to you and your interests? No problem, we can make that happen. If you want to interview him or her, even better, we will feature you in our magazine, Impakter. Need real work experience? Real marketing, sales and admin experience? We are here. We can help you develop all those skills. Top performing ambassadors will have the potential to have a full time employment within us. So if you want to do things you love and matter to you, just fill the form below. We look forward to do great things with you.
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